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All games in our free online arcade open in a new tab with no branding, navigation, ads, or any other distracting elements, so students can learn math while having fun learning in a focused environment.

Tell a T-Rex

Tell a T-Rex, (Silly Questions) - mobile friendly

Tell A T-Rex, (Silly Questions) Answer silly questions following phonic patterns taught in Year One.. Learning Objectives: Pupils should be taught to: check that the text makes sense to them as they read, correcting inaccurate reading

Dinosaur Phonics

Look, Cover, Write, Check- mobile friendly

Look, Cover, Write, Check A great way to practise phonics, spelling patterns or the common exception words listed in the UK English Curriculum.. This game does not store or share any spelling / personal data. Choose a year group frrom the circle buttons.

Look, Cover, Write & Check

Little Bird Spelling || Practise spelling Common Exception Words - ictgames 

 Little Bird Spelling Practise spelling common exception words. (Ages 5 and up) Children in school learn to spell some word through the use of phonics.

Spelling Game

Free Interactive phonics games, planning, assessment and printable resources. - PhonicsPlay - Phonics games, planning, assessments and printables

The free area of the PhonicsPlay website is filled with free interactive games, phonics planning, assessment ideas and printable resources. There are many ideas to support teachers in delivering daily phonics sessions and lots of advice to support parents in helping their children learn to read.

Phonics Play

The Dinosaur's Eggs - Phonics || Practise blending sounds to make words - ictgames

The Dinosaur's Eggs - Phonics Practise reading words using phonics. (Ages 5 and up) APOLOGIES: This particular game does not currently work on iOS devices.

Dinosaur Eggs Phonics

Save The Whale: Learn bonds of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5

Save The Whale Save The Whale is a mobile friendly addition facts game. Practise your addition facts making totals up to 10.. The whale is trapped in the lake. Add lengths of pipe until the total is 10, (you can use more than two).

Bonds to 10

Hit the button - quick fire maths practice for 5 - 11yrs

About Hit the Button. Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers.


Mental Maths Game - A Four Operations Game

About Mental Maths Train. Mental Maths Train is a maths game which focuses on the essential vocabulary of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Maths Chase

Maths Chase is a completely free site where you can quickly test your times tables. The site is a very simple game but I think kids will find it a really fun way to learn their times tables.


It’s a lovely community. We all feel like a part of St Luke’s family. My child loves her teachers and knows other members of staff. It’s lovely to walk into school and people know my child’s name and always say hello to her, even teachers from other classes or Mrs Armistead.


I know when I drop my kids off they are happy and safe and they both enjoy their time in school.


Thank you for not only teaching my daughter but also caring for her. She’s really happy at school and is making great progress in all areas of learning.


The staff have been so supportive of my child with Special Educational Needs. They are amazing and it makes me confident that my daughter is well looked after and if she has any problems they will help.

Parent of a child with SEND

The Reception Open Day really showed the school in a good light. The Headteacher showed us round and knew all of the pupil’s names. All of the children we met were friendly and polite but more importantly they were all smiling whilst learning.

Prospective Parent

Teachers are very helpful, friendly and approachable

Pupil, Year 6