Sport at Skerton St Luke's

Sport has become very important to all of us at Skerton St Luke’s over the past few years, resulting in outstanding sporting achievements. We use our Sports Premium very effectively to enhance the sporting opportunities that we are able to give our children, as well as ensure that our staff are able to teach effective lessons, based on solid subject knowledge. Physical Education and development is a key aspect of our ethos at Skerton St Luke’s Primary School. We provide a broad range of curricular and extracurricular activities for pupils to enjoy; either as individuals, pairs, or in groups. Children are given opportunities to enjoy keeping fit and healthy, advancing their skills, competing at their level, and developing their coaching skills to work with other children. 

They are encouraged to appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and to understand how this affects their health and fitness using our “5 A Day” model, devised by Mrs Armistead.

Competition is a key part of PE at St Luke’s, and we are always keen to engage in competition at both ‘Intra-’ (within our school, using our House Teams) or ‘Inter-’ (alongside other schools) level. This means that children can challenge themselves at their level during every lesson, club or competition they attend. We also believe that competition must be approached with a healthy outlook and therefore we encourage and promote good sportsmanship, fairness, and respect across all aspects of our PE.

At St Luke’s. we are always keen to try new sports through lessons, clubs, and workshops. Over the last few years, we have introduced a range of new sports, including bowls, Korfball, lacrosse, Yoga and tri-golf. 

Our school offers a wide variety of sports clubs, including (but not limited to) tag rugby, girls' and boys' football, hockey, athletics, netball, rounders, dance, and cricket. They are led by members of staff and/or specialist coaches, and are available for different age groups before school, during lunchtime, and after school. At St Luke’s, we strongly believe that in order to deliver a high standard of PE, it is fundamental that we build staff expertise and confidence, as well as forging strong links with a range of local sports providers. Over the past few years we have built and maintained links with The Vale of Lune Rugby, local cricket club coaches, Korfball Club in Lancaster, and Skerton Liberal Bowling Club.

Our Vision

Over the years at St Luke’s, within PE lessons, children will develop key characteristics and skills which they need to be able to apply and master within all areas of PE curriculum before leaving to Secondary School; these characteristics will be transferable to all sports.

Examples of key characteristics within PE 

Resilience and Self-Motivation within Athletics 

Evaluation within Gymnastics

Self-belief within Dance 

Communication within Striking & Fielding 

Co-operation within OAA 

Another vision, to have ALL Children progress through seamless sequencing and differentiation when necessary. 

Example of ‘Progression’ within invasion games 

Year 1 children were initially exposed to playground games to develop skills of tactical decision making; 

Year 2 begin to look at sending and receiving during multiskills units; 

Year 3/4 cover units of work based around throwing and catching games (netball, basketball, handball, tag rugby) in a general sense of the transferable skills; 

Year 5/6 are exposed to the traditional sports and competition now skills are fully secured.


It’s a lovely community. We all feel like a part of St Luke’s family. My child loves her teachers and knows other members of staff. It’s lovely to walk into school and people know my child’s name and always say hello to her, even teachers from other classes or Mrs Armistead.


I know when I drop my kids off they are happy and safe and they both enjoy their time in school.


Thank you for not only teaching my daughter but also caring for her. She’s really happy at school and is making great progress in all areas of learning.


The staff have been so supportive of my child with Special Educational Needs. They are amazing and it makes me confident that my daughter is well looked after and if she has any problems they will help.

Parent of a child with SEND

The Reception Open Day really showed the school in a good light. The Headteacher showed us round and knew all of the pupil’s names. All of the children we met were friendly and polite but more importantly they were all smiling whilst learning.

Prospective Parent

Teachers are very helpful, friendly and approachable

Pupil, Year 6