Home School Agreement

As of 1st September 1999, all schools were required to have a Home-School Agreement in place.  This is to establish, maintain and develop the partnership between home and school, which has the child’s interests at heart. Pupils’ commitment is very important to the success of the home-school agreement.  The agreement is found at the front of the Home School Diary.  Please sign as soon as possible in early September or when your child starts school.

The Parent - Teacher Contract

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, or if your child is worrying about something which may affect their behaviour or educational development, you are very welcome to contact school at any time; parents wishing to speak to the Headteacher in confidence are asked to make an appointment.

Information to be passed to the class teacher is best given at the beginning or end of the school day, either via the school office or a letter brought by your child.  Notes written in your child’s homework diary will be followed up. Regular newsletters are available online, giving information about events and matters of significance.  A text with a link will be sent to your main mobile number.  A class newsletter is sent home termly detailing individual class information together with a half termly curriculum map. 

Newsletters and school events are available on the school website. Parent Teacher consultations are held in the autumn, spring and summer terms to discuss the children’s work and progress or to explain curriculum policy.  Termly parent workshops are offered, covering a number of areas and curriculum issues.

The Parent - Teacher Contract

Our School Routine

At the beginning of the school day, a member of teaching staff will be on duty in the yard from 8:45am.  Children can enter school from 8:45am and have time to settle themselves and prepare for the day.  The bell will go at 8:55am, and anyone arriving after this time will be marked as late.  Children in the junior classes and Years 1 and 2 use the entrance of the Early Years Unit (infant doors) in the morning.  Children in Reception will enter through the Early Years Playground.  No child should arrive before 8:45am, unless they are booking into Early Birds. 

The doors are closed and locked at 9:00am once the children are in school. 

Late Arrivals

Children arriving late should be accompanied by an adult to the School Office at the front of school.  Parents and visitors must sign in and enter school through the secure entrance at the front of school. If you arrive late after 8:55am and the doors are closed, children must be accompanied to the school office through the doors at the front of school and be signed in.  If your child arrives after 9:15am they will be marked in the register as unauthorised 'late after registers closed’.  You may be subject to a penalty notice if your child is consistently late for school.  

We are a smoke-free premises and site. Parents are also reminded that when on the school premises (including passage from Vale Road and pedestrian driveway) dogs are not allowed.

We cannot allow children to leave school e.g. for a dental or medical appointment before the end of day, unless collected by a parent or responsible adult.   We ask all parents in KS1 at the beginning of every year to provide school with a list of adults who have permission to collect their child.  The list must be kept up to date at all times.  If an adult attempts to collect a child and their name does not appear on the list, we will refuse them.

Our School Routine


It’s a lovely community. We all feel like a part of St Luke’s family. My child loves her teachers and knows other members of staff. It’s lovely to walk into school and people know my child’s name and always say hello to her, even teachers from other classes or Mrs Armistead.


I know when I drop my kids off they are happy and safe and they both enjoy their time in school.


Thank you for not only teaching my daughter but also caring for her. She’s really happy at school and is making great progress in all areas of learning.


The staff have been so supportive of my child with Special Educational Needs. They are amazing and it makes me confident that my daughter is well looked after and if she has any problems they will help.

Parent of a child with SEND

The Reception Open Day really showed the school in a good light. The Headteacher showed us round and knew all of the pupil’s names. All of the children we met were friendly and polite but more importantly they were all smiling whilst learning.

Prospective Parent

Teachers are very helpful, friendly and approachable

Pupil, Year 6