Our Curriculum

St Luke's Skerton follows a broad, creative, and engaging curriculum. 

Our Curriculum at Skerton St Luke’s is enquiry based, focusing upon key knowledge and skills for all subjects, ensuring that everyone understands vast areas in much greater depth by carefully planned learning progression throughout our school.

At St Luke’s we have started to use the ‘Path to Success’ throughout the curriculum; the model enables the children to follow the process, alongside the teacher, from shallow learning into profound learning, resulting in the children making links to other areas within that subject and the wider curriculum.

The overview for each subject area in school can be seen below.  To look at class curriculum maps for each half term, please CLICK HERE for individual class pages.

The curriculum in each year group

Children in each year group are developing their questioning and oracy skills to further extend their love of learning. Advancing the children’s speaking and listening skills is an important part of each area within the curriculum. We strive for high expectations for all groups of children at St Luke’s, ensuring that everyone is engaged, enthused, suitably challenged, and has an ever-growing variety of opportunities to demonstrate their pace and depth of learning. 

Our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural links underpin all subject areas and school life, ensuring pupils are aware of the history and values of Britain, and prepare pupils for life in modern Britain using our “5 A Day” model, devised by Mrs Armistead. Our children at St Luke’s are provided with a purposeful, inspiring and interesting curriculum that is further enhanced by visits, visitors and cross-curricular links as demonstrated in our Learning Links work. For example, our links with local authors encourages an interest in writing, and results in a published story from a select group of Year 6 children. 

Target setting and Assessment for Learning are used on a daily basis to personalise your child’s learning, making sure that they are being challenged, and maximising their progress. As you are already aware, our school has devised ‘Steps to Success’ for the core subject areas; reading, writing and mathematics. As your child progresses through each curriculum area, they will have their targets reviewed and new ones set, working up the ladder of success. These will be discussed with parents via reports and parents evenings.

Due to the change in the way which we assess our children, learning without levels has generated age related expectations that children within a year group are intended to reach, which are mentioned during our “Meet the Teacher” and parents evenings. The teacher will now discuss whether your child is emerging, developing, or secure in areas of their curriculum for their ability and age. Learning across school, for all groups of children, is underpinned by our learning ethos of developing resilience and independence using praise. 

As a school we promote the following principles:

  • Formative and summative assessment is used to improve teaching and learning and raise achievement.
  • Accurate and moderated assessments.
  • Evaluates how well children are performing against age related expectations and identifies children falling behind ensuring there is challenge for all groups of learners.
  • Reporting to parents will make sure parents understand how well their children are doing against national standards, and the progress being made by their child.

Please feel free to make appointments to see individual class teachers or myself to discuss any points further. View our termly curriculum jigsaws for each class below. 

Miss Garnett (Curriculum Lead, Year 6 Teacher)


It’s a lovely community. We all feel like a part of St Luke’s family. My child loves her teachers and knows other members of staff. It’s lovely to walk into school and people know my child’s name and always say hello to her, even teachers from other classes or Mrs Armistead.


I know when I drop my kids off they are happy and safe and they both enjoy their time in school.


Thank you for not only teaching my daughter but also caring for her. She’s really happy at school and is making great progress in all areas of learning.


The staff have been so supportive of my child with Special Educational Needs. They are amazing and it makes me confident that my daughter is well looked after and if she has any problems they will help.

Parent of a child with SEND

The Reception Open Day really showed the school in a good light. The Headteacher showed us round and knew all of the pupil’s names. All of the children we met were friendly and polite but more importantly they were all smiling whilst learning.

Prospective Parent

Teachers are very helpful, friendly and approachable

Pupil, Year 6