Educational Trips

Here at Skerton St Luke's we plan a fantastic range of educational trips to complement and extend our learning each academic year. You can read about the trips that we have planned for our next academic year below:

Borwick Hall Residential
Year 6 plan to spend a few days at a Lancashire residential activity centre at Borwick Hall.

It is a highlight of their time in Year 6 and comes after SATs and high school allocations. It takes place in June when the weather is generally a bit warmer and the canal is not too cold!

Borwick Hall is an opportunity for the children and staff to work together in a completely different learning environment and try new activities such as climbing, rafting, canoeing and of course the infamous ‘pamper pole!’

Ribchester Roman Museum
Year 3 will be visiting Ribchester Roman Museum in the summer term to enrich their ‘Romans in Britain’ History topic.

The activities they will take part in will develop the children’s historical knowledge and allow opportunities for historical enquiry. They will be handling Roman objects, trying on Roman armour, and looking at the remains of a Roman fort. Year 3 will also have an opportunity to look at an exhibition of Roman objects in the museum.  

We know from experience the visit really brings the past to life!

Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve   
Reception and Year 1 visited Leighton Moss in May 2019.  Children learned about a range of animals and their natural habitats.   Following this is an eight week transition program, led by class teachers, to smooth the transition between Reception class to Year 1. The children will focus on different subject areas each week linked to expectations in the National Curriculum and learning between classes will be mirrored.

Both classes will be split so Year 1 model expectations to Reception.  The groups will be rotated to ensure all have access to learning in the Reception environment and the Year 1 environment. We call this our "WOW Wednesday".

A big thank you to the Aretti Trust who again helped subsidise the visit and paid for our coach travel.

Manchester Science Museum
Year 4 and Year 5 visited the Manchester Museum of Science & Industry in February 2019. Classes enjoyed a Circuit-City and Explosions workshop, which was linked to their learning in class. 

Children also had the opportunity to explore other interactive exhibits at the museum. This was an amazing, positive learning experience for all children.

Judges’ Lodgings, Lancaster
In the spring term, Year 1 visited the toy museum at the Judges’ Lodgings. 

The aim of the visit was to enhance the learning of their topic during the term, which was ‘toys from the past’.  

The children had an amazing learning experience and took what they learned back to class.

Last September Year 6 visited the great city of London and enjoyed some sightseeing, the London Eye, a night at the theatre, a visit to Parliament, and a trip down the Thames.  

This educational trip was an amazing learning experience, which helped boost confidence, team building skills, and created a lovely bond and some fabulous memories for both children and staff.  This was a great start to the academic year and fantastic preparation for high school.


It’s a lovely community. We all feel like a part of St Luke’s family. My child loves her teachers and knows other members of staff. It’s lovely to walk into school and people know my child’s name and always say hello to her, even teachers from other classes or Mrs Armistead.


I know when I drop my kids off they are happy and safe and they both enjoy their time in school.


Thank you for not only teaching my daughter but also caring for her. She’s really happy at school and is making great progress in all areas of learning.


The staff have been so supportive of my child with Special Educational Needs. They are amazing and it makes me confident that my daughter is well looked after and if she has any problems they will help.

Parent of a child with SEND

The Reception Open Day really showed the school in a good light. The Headteacher showed us round and knew all of the pupil’s names. All of the children we met were friendly and polite but more importantly they were all smiling whilst learning.

Prospective Parent

Teachers are very helpful, friendly and approachable

Pupil, Year 6