Skerton St Luke's CE Primary School

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Early Birds and Night Owls are morning and after school clubs available during St Luke's term time only.



Night Owls will be charged at £5.00 for one session and £8.00 for two sessions.

There are two session times which are 3.15/20pm to 4.30pm and 4.30pm to 5.29pm.

If a child is collected after 5.29pm parents will be subject to a late collection fee of £16.00.

Please book Night Owls in advance via the school office or Night Owls direct.

If you need to cancel a Night Owls session, please do by 2pm of that day to avoid the session being charged to your account.

When collecting your child from Night Owls you can contact them on 0793 408 4508.


Early Birds have a flat fee of £5.00 for the session which is from 7.30am to 8.45am.

Breakfast is served until 8.15am.

Please note Early Birds can only take children from 7.30am onwards.  Children should be supervised by their guardian until such time Early Birds can take over.

At present there is no booking in system for Early Birds.


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Please note there is a £1.00 surcharge on top of each session price and the late collection fee (after 5.29pm) is charged at £18.00.


All accounts will be charged a £5.00 late payment fee if a debt is carried forward to the following week. 
All payments should be made by Friday of each week.  Thank you



For more information about the increase, please see the letters below which were sent to parents/carers in October 2017.



Early Birds & Night Owls Price Increase November 2017 (letter to St Luke's parents/carers) click HERE.

Early Birds & Night Owls Price Increase November 2017 (letter to St Joseph's parents/carers) click HERE.


Previous letters:

Early Birds please click HERE.

Night Owls please click HERE.





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