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20th February 18
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Improvements Coming Soon to Parent Pay


What’s changing for parents? 

Based on your feedback, we’re planning a range of improvements and new features to make paying by ParentPay quicker, easier and more convenient.

November 2015

Simplifying Login 

Soon you’ll need to use an email address as your username. 

Towards the end of November, if you need to switch your username to an email address, you will be prompted when you login - just follow the on-screen instructions.

The email address must be verified, helping with security and making it easier to reset a forgotten password.

If you already have a registered email address linked to your Account, you’ll have the option to use it as your username or choose an alternative email address.




New website

We’re making major improvements to the ParentPay website, making it easier for parents to access a dedicated support area with FAQs and lots of useful tips.

From January 2016

Introducing ‘My Account’ 

Providing greater flexibility in managing payments ‘My Account’ lets parents maintain a single balance in ParentPay and use it to pay for any items at any of their children’s schools.

You’ll be able to move money between children and different items and refunds from school will credit immediately back to ‘My Account’ for you to use for something else.

‘My Account’ leads the way for us to introduce new ways for parents to pay.


New fresh look for ParentPay for Parents

A new design, more features and simplified layout to ParentPay for parents makes it easier to use and quicker to stay on top of school payments.

February/March 2016

New ways to pay for Parents

  • Load funds direct from internet banking with Faster Payments
  • Schedule regular top-ups to 'My Account' with a Standing Order

What else is planned for 2016?

  • A new Mobile App for iOS and Android devices will be launched


If you no not have a username or password, please contact the school office.

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