Skerton St Luke's CE Primary School

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20th February 18
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Please collect and bring to school.






Last Year

A big thank you to everyone who collected
Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers for school and to St Luke's Church for
sharing vouchers they collected.

In Spring / Summer 2015 we collected over 9000 vouchers
and received the following.......

Sticky Monster Mitts x 6

Katcha Kup x 1

Kangaroo balls x 1

Playground ball x 1

DSX Shorti Badminton Racket x 5

Tag Rugby Belts x 2

High Fives Bibs x 1

DSX Ball Inflator x 2

Sequencing Spots x 1

Throw Down Feet x 1

Throw Down Hands 2

Floor Basketball x 2

Ribbon Tail Ball x 1

Foam Ring Target x 2

Pop-Up Target Centre x 1

Fun Boccia Ramp 2

Molten No-String Volleyball x 5

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