Skerton St Luke's CE Primary School

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25th November 17
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The Pupil Premium is funding in addition to the school’s budget.  The amount of this funding varies from school to school and is dependent on 3 factors: the number of children who are in the care of the local authority, the number of children who have an entitlement to a free meal and the number who have a parent(s) in the armed forces.


Schools are free to decide how to allocate this funding to best support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable pupils.


In 2012/13 the school received £35,511.


The school’s published outcomes at the end of the last school year were very encouraging indicating that this funding had been used appropriately and effectively.


Pupil Premium 2013/14

Pupils eligible for FSM                 51     

Pupils eligible for Ever6                65

Pupil Premium Allocation             £58, 500

Children Looked After                 £ 1, 869

                                                   £60, 369



Learning Support                         £14, 936

Educational Visits                          £ 1, 000      (Eg Life Education, visiting theatre)

Counselling Service                       £ 1, 400

Extra-Curricular Activities              £    300      

Specialist Support                         £ 1, 000

SENCO                                          £ 3, 040

Teaching Assistants                      £38, 693     (Wave 2 and 3 Interventions)

                                                      £60, 369


Actual TA budget                         £167, 000


Examples of impact in 2013/14 include:


·         Identified pupils making at least expected progress with some exceeding their school targets.

·         Improved attendance and punctuality for vulnerable pupils.

·         The gap between attainment/progress of most vulnerable pupils/identified pupils and their peers has reduced.


The school plans to continue with these strategies during 2014/15.