Skerton St Luke's CE Primary School

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At Skerton St Luke’s CE Primary School we recognise the importance of teaching children the fundamental skill of learning to read. We also recognise that it is essential that all children develop a love of reading. Within school, we promote a wide selection of reading materials from magazines and leaflets to novels, poetry, plays and online texts.


Each class has a library which is widely used throughout the day and across the curriculum.  Our children love to find a quiet place to become absorbed amongst the books. We encourage children to take books home and to find other books that may interest them. In addition to this, we have regularly visits from Lancaster City Library and participate in their reading challenges.


The teaching of reading at Skerton St Luke’s CE Primary School begins with a daily systematic phonics session. The purpose of phonics instruction is to teach children sound-spelling relationships and how to use those relationships to read words. The children take part in a variety of activities to help develop their word recognition and strategies to decode unfamiliar words. This is then followed up with activities each week to apply this understanding. From these activities, each child will receive a list of words to practise and a book to take home to enjoy with an adult.


Each day, all children will engage with a Reading for Enjoyment session, within these sessions children are encouraged to read independently and engage with a variety of activities to help them to develop their reading comprehension skills along with stretching their choice of books. Children have a guided reading session with an adult as part of a small group and also have a reading conversation about a book of their choice.